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Children Contact Lawyer
Children Contact Lawyer

Children Contact Lawyer

Welcome to Children Contact Lawyer, designed to provide proffesional advice for arrangements for children during the process of divorce or separation.

Seeing your children after a relationship split isn’t always easy.  History with your ex and high emotions can get in the way of time with your children. And if one or both of you are in a new relationship, that can complicate matters even more.

 Sometimes, it seems like no matter how reasonable you try to be, your former partner seems intent on making you look bad to your own children: badmouthing you to the kids; cancelling arrangements at the last minute leaving the kids let down and confused; arriving late or not at all.

There are any number of issues which can make a tense situation worse, and at times intolerable. When the arrangements just aren’t working, or they’re not enough, what do you do to make it better if you can’t have a civil conversation with each other?

Here at Major Family Law, we are sympathetic to the difficulties that can occur between separated parents. We have specialist lawyers trained in assisting to resolve disputes in a non-confrontational, cost effective way.

 We can work with you to establish the root of the problem and then advise of you of the most appropriate routes available to work towards an agreement which will work for everyone concerned, and most importantly, the children.

Seeing a solicitor does not always mean going to Court. There are a number of options available to assist in reaching a working agreement, such as mediation or collaborative law. Sometimes, just knowing your options and where you stand is sufficient to equip you to resolve the difficulties yourself.

 When that is not possible, we will advise you and support you through making an application to the Court to determine the contact arrangements and any other issues in relation to the children.  You may need more than a Contact Order, for instance if you are a father and do not have parental responsibility. We can discuss with you what this means and why you should have it.

Of course, it’s not only parents who suffer difficulties seeing the children after a relationship breakdown.  Grandparents are often left out of the loop when families separate. How do you go about seeing your grandchildren when they live with your son or daughter’s ex-partner? If you don’t want to encroach on your own son or daughter’s time with their children, what can you do?

Take advantage of our free no-obligation interview with one of our expert solicitors here at Major Family Law to find out your rights, your options and to decide the best way to resolve the problem, with or without our help.

Find out how we can help and book your appointment with us today to take the first step back into your children’s lives.